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Sungate® Windshield
Sungate Windshield

Add High-Performance Solar Control to Your Design

There has never been a better time to add solar control glazing to your automotive design. Consumers are keenly aware of the dangers of sun exposure, and expectations for interior comfort, fuel economy and environmental friendliness are high. PGW, a leader in automotive glazing for solar control, has created a product that accomplishes all of this and more: the Sungate automotive windshield. The Sungate windshield is a laminated, high-performance solar control product designed to reflect infrared rays while meeting all federal requirements for light transmittance.

With the ability to reflect over 30 percent of the sun’s total energy, the Sungate windshield will never be mistaken for a conventional tinted windshield. In fact, it outperforms such products by 400 percent.

PGW has delivered millions of Sungate windshields to OEMs in North America, Europe and Asia. Shouldn’t its protective powers be part of your next model?

Heat Reduction Improves Fuel Efficiency

Because the Sungate windshield reduces infrared energy by 50 percent, it also cuts passenger time to comfort by up to 50 percent. While the air conditioning is operating, the Sungate windshield improves fuel efficiency by as much as 3 to 4 percent.

Glazing Can Be Good for the Environment

Consumers aren’t the only ones who benefit from improved fuel efficiency. Reduced fuel consumption means there are fewer greenhouse gases to pollute the atmosphere.
Comfort and Protection by Design

The Sungate windshield incorporates a multi-layer transparent metal/metal oxide coating on the inboard surface of the outer glass. Silver coating layers reflect solar energy. Other layers control visible reflections and, at the same time, protect the silver layers from attack by chemicals or other environmental components.

Consumer Benefits

Driving Comfort

The Sungate windshield’s ability to block more than half of the sun’s infrared energy makes a vehicle cooler and more comfortable. It also cuts passenger time to comfort by up to 50 percent – a serious advantage in warmer climates.
Enhanced Interior Protection

The same UV and infrared rays that heat and damage our skin are also causes for the cracking, fading and other interior deterioration that occur as a vehicle ages. The Sungate windshield protects interior fabrics and other materials and helps maintain vehicle resale value.
Design Flexibility

It’s easy to incorporate the Sungate windshield into your vehicle design. It can be designed to match side and rear glasses, and many variations in shape and size are possible.
Original Equipment Quality

Sungate windshields meet all federal visability regulations. And, unlike some aftermarket-applied films used for UV protection, the Sungate windshield will not develop bubbles or scratches as it ages. The inherent qualities of glass provide lasting aesthetics, optics and durability.

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