Automotive OEM Glass Products

PGW is the technology leader in automotive glass. Safety, fuel economy, comfort and convenience - discover how our automotive OEM glass is driving the best designs beyond expectations. From Sungate® windshields to Safe and Sound® laminated glass, our technologies support passenger comfort and safety - and look great doing it. At PGW, we believe the best way to help you build a competitive vehicle is to work as partners, right from the beginning. That’s why we collaborate with our customers in the earliest stages of design. From initial concept to finished product, our design, tooling and sales professionals at the Automotive Technical Center (ATC) provide quick response and full technical support to the global automotive market. Our products meet or exceed all industry specifications, while supporting vehicle manufacturer requirements and consumer needs:

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Safety and Security

Safety & Security

It takes 10 times longer to penetrate windows made with our Safe & Sound® laminated glass. That’s enough time to help deter most any smash-and-grab thief – or a hungry bear at a campsite. Our optional Sungate® coating provides protection from another unwelcome intruder: the sun’s heat-carrying infrared rays.

Comfort and Convenience

Comfort & Convenience

Automotive glass from PGW does more than just allow you to see the road. From Weathermaster enhanced glass to Sungate IR Reflective windshields, our products are designed to enhance the overall driving experience.

Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

Sungate® Automotive glass keeps the vehicle's interior and passengers cooler, thereby reducing the demand for air conditioning. Less use of air conditioning means increased fuel economy and reduced greenhouse emmissions.

Color & Aesthestics

Color & Aesthestics

PGW automotive glass is creating distinction among luxury vehicles and generating a buzz with customizers in the aftermarket. For example, Solextra® glass from the Solar Color Series complements vehicle styling with a distinctive blue color.